Ludwig Börne

Börne wrote, and I wish I knew where, For three successive days force yourself to write without denaturalizing or hypocrisy everything that crosses your mind. Write what you think of yourself, your wives, Goethe, the Turkish war, the Last Judgment, your superiors and you will be stupefied to see how many new thoughts have poured forth. That is what constitutes the art of becoming an original writer in three days.

A word to the wise, as William S Burroughs would say and it seems as if Emmanuel Carrère took it to heart.


Allow the house to grow on you. Ease into it. Remember it too has needs like plants. It is the habitat. If only I can control the terrain.

The National Security State

By the time Henry Wallace was marginalized by Truman; the anarchists, Marxist-Leninist, socialist and other left groups were out of the picture in US politics. With Wallace went the social-democrats and the left wing of the Democratic party. The National Security State replaced the Republic and since then eleven men have served as chief executives. XII will asume the post punctually at noon 20 January 2017, rest assured and stand at ease.


Let´s do it for the old days or like them.
Can you go without filling the body, making an anchor in the inner belly?
Still moment stop inert now to listen.

A List

A list:

Vermouth in the afternoon after writing and the early morning field work.
Reading before dinner.
Watch a movie.
Reading, nightcap, fuck*.

* These last three at different tempos all never repeated. 

La mujer barbuda

Leo a Jean-Claude Carrière y sus encantos con Buñuel en Toledo. Catedral. Soborno para ver el cuadro y una merienda de Tío Pepe y aceitunas. La ciudad. La catedral y era 1962.